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DAB Dicht AsfaltBeton
Traditional tarmac. See ZOAB
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting
DAB-TMS Digital Audio Broadcasting - Traffic Message Channel
DALY Disability Adjusted Life Expectancy
DART Dutch Accident Research Team (TNO)
DEKRA Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug Überwachungs Verein
DGOR Deutsche Gesellschaft für Operations Research
DGP Directoraat-Generaal Personenvervoer (Ministerie Verkeer en Waterstaat)
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DOT Department of Transportation (U.S.)
DRD Danish Road Directorate (Ministerie van Verkeer)
DRIP Dynamische Route Informatie Paneel
DRIVE Dedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle Safety in Europe
DRL Daytime Running Lights
DTF Danish Transport Research Institute (Danmarks TransportForskning)
DTV Dienstencentrum Voor Toerisme en Verkeer
DUMAS Developing Urban Management And Safety
DV Duurzaam Veilig (Sustainable Safety)
The goal of Sustainable Safety is to prevent (serious) crashes, and where this is not possible, to practically exclude the chances of severe injury. Therefore the human being is the point of departure: his physical vulnerability, but also what his capabilities and intententions (after all, it's people who make mistakes and don't always obey the rules). People breaking the law now and again is a new point of attention in Advancing Sustainable Safety. Sustainable Safety is an integral approach of the traffic system consisting of 'human', 'vehicle', and 'road'. Road and vehicle should be tuned to a person's capabilities, and need to provide protection. Education must prepare the human for the traffic task, and finally he should be checked to see if he participates safely. Sustainable Safety aims at road safety measures that intervene as early as possible in the chain from system design to ultimate traffic behaviour. This is necessary because it is the gaps in the traffic system that lead to unsafe behaviour, such as errors and offences, and can eventually lead to crashes. By intervening in the system as early as possible, unsafe actions are made minimally dependent on the individual road user's choice
DVM Dynamisch verkeersmanagement