Definition and justification

The Index of Road Safety Measures provides a list of road safety measures in the Netherlands from the end of the 19th century till the present. It lists the national and the European Union regulations, public information campaigns, subsidy arrangements, and covenants (agreements between industry and government or within industry itself). It also contains a number of guidelines drawn up by the Information and Technology Platform for Infrastructure, Traffic, Transport and Public space CROW. These are for instance guidelines for road categorization.


When are measures included?

Measures and guidelines are included when the decision-making has been completed. This means that policy plans and intentions, Letters to Parliament, manuals etc. are not included in this index.


Measures are included if they have been implemented for road safety purposes. Also included are measures that originally were not explicitly aimed at road safety, but had an unexpected side effect. An example is the introduction of the Free Public Transport Pass for students.


The sources we have used to compile this list are various government publications which contain the texts of laws recently passed, websites (the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), and specialist publications (CROW).


This index does not claim to be complete.


The Index of road safety measures