ERASER tool for self-explaining roads: safe speeds and credible speed limits

Dear user,

This tool has been developed to support road authorities in decisions relating to road design. The aim of this tool is to raise awareness of how roads can be better tuned to road users. Firstly, roads can be designed to be self-explaining for road users. Secondly, the road design can be designed to the requirements of a safe system .

The tool addresses these two issues by focussing on speed in relation to design characteristics of the road. More information about the tool can be found here.

Use of this tool

This tool can be used to assess a rural road section with similar road characteristics, and to increase familiarity with human-centred and safe system design.


The tool has been developed by the ERA-NET ROAD project ERASER, which is funded by the European Commission.


The guidance that the tool provides is indicative only and is based, where possible, on knowledge that is currently available from research. Expert road safety engineering judgement should be used to evaluate the guidance the tool provides, and to develop detailed plans and schemes. For such plans and schemes, it is wise to combine the guidance of this tool with guidance from other methods and issues that are relevant in setting speed limits and adapting road design. Neither the producers of nor the investors in this tool can be held responsible for the outcomes of the use of this tool.